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also, we are trying to get you to ride the trains. good morning, change in our weather pattern begins today, we will take a look at the cool forecasted highs coming up.
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. a deadly police pursuit ends with one man dead. and it going to be cooler, we will tell you if there is going to be any rain in the forecast. hundreds of people in russia were affected by that sonic boom, one person sees a u.s. connection. we will tell you what is fueling the spike in gas prices. this is ktvu channel 2 morning news. good morning, thank you for joining us february 18th, i am pam cook. >> let's check weather and traffic, i would like yesterday's weather to stay for a while. >> yes. >> we need rain. >> we do need rain . we will get some tomorrow but not a lot. >> today is that day in between where the low clouds are
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already pushing inland and temperatures will be on the cool side, here is sal. we will have pretty good traffic today for most commutes and this is a look at 880 southbound, 6:00 let's go back to dave and pam. 6:01 we are starting with developing news, a deadly chase in san jose. one person was killed after crashing a stolen car while trying to flee from police. alex savage is at the crash scene and you have new video of that crash scene, alex? >> yes, they have taken away that suv, it was a stolen suv, the 20-year-old driver was killed in this crash and he was on the run from san jose police late last night with two teenage passengers in the car and it all came to an end here. this is the high speed finish
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near blossom hill road when that suv went down into the ravine we just showed you. a tow truck pulled the damaged suv and the driver was thrown from the vehicle and two other passengers survived. this pursuit started near capital expressway near towers lane. the driver tried to rundown a san jose officer who was involved in an unrelated traffic stop on the side of the road. that officer jumped out of the way and the chase began. at many points he tried to hurt pursuing officers. >> he slammed on his breaks so hard to set off the airbag which is a technique suspects do and he hit other officers
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which we believe was intentional. >> it is unclear why the driver was going after the officer but they believe he had his lights off when he went after the officer and at sometimes he was trying to allude those officers. obviously they will be looking for signs of impairment as they continue their investigation. there was a 16-year-old girl and 17-year-old girl and one of those girls had been reported missing by her parents. right now another component will be trying to figure out the relationship between the driver and those two passengers. alex savage, 6:03 news. it happened at an apartment on east 11th street.
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a $10,000 reward is being offered and in a separate incident, another man was shot and killed in west oakland at 5:00 saturday night. so far no word of a motive and no arrests have been made. a 17-year-old killed in a fire over the weekend is now asking for help to pay for her funeral. last night about 100 people attended a vigil for colleen godfrey. she guide at a fire at her family's home on treasure island. carolina was trapped and all i keep thinking about was i heard her crying. >> they tried to rescue her but she fell through the second floor. she said she has ten other children and needs help paying
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for her daughter's funeral. we will take you to the site of her him morial and we will -- memorial and we will tell you what people are saying about the young victim. it happened over central russia. they found 53 tiny fragments in an icy lake and they have not found any big pieces and now there is speculation a u.s. weapon caused that fireball. some claim it was a meteor and the sonic boom caused $33 million in damage and 3300 people were hurt. there is only four days to avoid the spending cuts. coming up, the automatic spending cuts that they will have right here in california.
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we will find out how high gas prices have climbed and we will find out what is fueling the latest spike in prices. >> it goes as high as $4.33 for premium, and experts say the higher prices at the pump are a reflection from everything from crude oil prices to cuts and refinery closings. it went to over $4 per gallon in the bay area and people are starting to feel the pinch. >> it used to be like 30 a week. >> how does it make you feel? >> it is ridiculous. it is affecting the budget. >> it is $3.73 per gallon and san jose $4.08. why are california prices
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higher, we have a different blends and it is definitely more expensive to make. we will tell you why congress wants to tack on another tax, we will explain that coming up, ktvu channel 2 morning news. the state will pay $9 million trying to get you to ride trains more. caltrans hired a public relations committee to ride amtrak trains in california. they will partially focus on the corridor run between san jose and placer county. they will also include a program about safely crossing train tracks. back over to sal, it you supposed to be again, light, a lot of our viewers are still sleeping, i think. >> if we have to drive, this is what kills you when people are
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stopped in stop and go traffic. right now it looks very nice and it should stay this way in san francisco. same thing with the san mateo bridge, it should and nice drive and no trouble on the dumbarton, no traffic when you get to the peninsular, you off to a very good start, let's go to steve. we have a low pattern change and low clouds are in place, it will be cooler, cloudy and cold, rain begins, we will get something out of it and the rest of this week it looks cool and breezy and i wish we could get the rest, a lot of clouds, mostly cloudy in advance of those cold systems, it is going to take our temperatures way down and that's where we increase in advance of it and snow levels
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will be very low and it does not look like there will be a lot of moisture, we'll see if it holds together a little bit stronger and things have been grim since the beginning of the year. 30s and 40s, a couple of 40s and that low cloud deck is coming in and it is inching in towards cent city and eureka has a place to go and temperatures will really drop tomorrow, tuesday into wednesday and we slowly recover as we head towards the middle of the week. winds will turn southerly in advance of that system. 50s and very low 60s and this will change compared to last week which was sunny and warm and we have big changes, mainly thunderstorms, a week system, one saturday to the north
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cooler and breezy partly sunny. hundreds of people are headed to the mountains for traditionally the last three- day weekend at the ski resort. >> it's nice and sunny and beautiful. >> she is like me, i like nice and sunny. >> one resort operator said it was as busy as the day after christmas. some say the snow is superb. more snow is forecast for tomorrow. >> you like ski week? >> yes, a lot of schools are off. i will be here. >> i know. >> there is a controversy for the basketball coach, what happened last night after his heated exchange with his star player. plus a gun control rally turns tragic, we will tell you
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. welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news, we have some new information that is still burning in tampa,florida and the past few minutes we learned they are using both water and foam to try to get control of the flames.
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the flames are still very big and we learned two large diesel tanks have been filled with calcium night trait -- night trait and again this is going on in tampa,florida. a family in illinois is in shock after their teenage daughter was gunned down. she was gunned down just hours after her younger sister attended the president's speech. in an emotional conversation her mother broke down. >> she was a fun loving person, she was just all outgoing kind of person. >> police say the teen was visiting family in north chicago when she was shot in an alley. a memorial has been set up
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where she was killed. dianne finestein is trying to circulate 2,200 guns that are extent. they want to make sure they would ban 157 specific firearms for law enforcement use and it would ban ammunition magazines that hold more than 10 rounds. automatic spending cuts are taking affect for 10 days from now. federal workers right here in california could be affected, kyla campbell? >> reporter: dave, there is talk of everything from furloughs to job cuts and right now 1,000 federal workers are waiting to see if they will be hit. lawmakers are on break this week so when they return next
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monday, they will come up with a plan to avoid those spending cuts that are taking affect. that will be welcomed news compared to flat out job cuts and they say those cuts will not happen until april and meanwhile economists say any cuts would hurt our economy which is in a slow recovery. president barack obama is pointing the finger at republicans and as you can guess, republicans are blaming the democrats with what they are saying in their weekly address, when i see you next, i will have more, stay tuned. they are waiting for a controversial push during a time out and the coach reportedly felt he was not
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giving his all on the court. he later rallied, they beat ucs78-68. he is scheduled to appear in court later this week. anthony lamar jones is charged with the rape and kidnap and murder of a teenager. jones is due to appear in court thursday, prosecutors say if found guilty he would be eligible for the death penalty. the police department are looking forehead light darfur red light operator being -- for red light operators and they are not expected to be coming home for the busy weekend. some people are worried
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this could cause major annoyances and talking about cell phones in flight, some are concerned about health problems. >> we do have the day off today and let's take a look at what we have and by now we would see a lot more slowed traffic at bay bridge at key points and it is light and although certainly there are people out there on the roads. same thing for 880, this traffic is moving a long on the peninsular. traffic looks great and no major problems on 208 either. -- 280 either, let's go to steve. system is moving in from the north and it will be here tomorrow, a lot of colds air, we could use a lot more of it, unfortunately it looks like one and done and a system is not looking anything like this one, maybe a quarter inch to a half
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inch on this one, but it does have cold air, so this weekend is coming to an abrupt end and increasing clouds, a cold low comes through if there is enough moisture. some of these are on the chilly side and just do the low cloud deck, the energy sources are coming down from alaska and we have a low cloud deck moving in and temperatures will come up slowly by the end of the week. we have some sun but it will be cooler today, 50s on the temperatures, very low 60s, maybe some thunderstorm activity and wednesday, partly
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cloudy and cooler and a little bit warmer. real force are fighting for a number of previously owned condos. they are snapping them up and renting them out and sales prices jumped as much as 3 5% from the same time the year before and the time that these units stay on the market, the price has dropped down from three months. they are reversing the decision to reduce the alcohol content of bourbon and they have already reduced production after many customers complained. they say they were having a hard time keeping up with the demand for bourbon. what else is next after a high speed collision with a
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motor boat. we will tell you what a magazine owner is doing and why it is sparking so much outrage.
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. welcome back, time now 6:23, they are now on administrative leave following
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a collision with a boat. it happened minutes after leaving and they say the motor boat was traveling fast as two people had to go to the hospital and as the investigation goes on the crew will have to undergo a drug test. they are allowing passengers to use their cell phones while in flight but the upcoming change is causing reaction. some european flights allow them to use cell phones but on board equipment prevents of that sedation -- navigation problems. they require you to turn off your cell phone before takeoff and that's expected to change, although it is not exactly clear. >> everybody has their whole life story. >> any chance i get to use my phone, for free is even better. >> potential health affects are
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another concern, uc berkeley's director of family health said lower microwaves could be gotten through and they say it causes health concerns. it is one way to avoid prosecute execution in the u.s. he is living in london, julian assange says if he becomes a senator, the u.s. and britain would leave him alone because of diplomacy. they have been investigating wikileaks because of thousands of classified documents which got out. and the california theater, she will be talking about being held captive in north korea. they were released after being held 149 days in jail.
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they were arrested while reporting on human trafficking. they were pardoned after former president clinton traveled there to secure their release. it comes after an australian magazine decided to public photos of the dutches in a bikini. they published the unauthorized photos which were taken on a family vacation in the caribbean. >> we are paying people big money. >> she still actually looks pretty good, we don't know what is wrong with it. >> the magazine paid 1 55,000 dollars to public those photos. let's check back with sal. it has been quiet. >> it has and we are expecting it, i think a lot of people do
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have the day off and it will get busier, we have people out there and police officers. traffic is moving well. let's go to steve. there is a bigger change in our pattern tomorrow and tomorrow is a day where temperatures start to take a drop and they will take even a bigger plunge tomorrow. i think you will notice the cold air too and we have more in about 10 minutes, dave? >> what police did moments before a deadly chase began and ended in a crash. we will tell you why some areas have been so dark for years and why they are deciding to put lights, why the sudden
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. well, good morning to you welcome back, monday february 18th . markets are closed for president's day and we usually have the opening bell. topping our news, a deadly chase in san jose, police say one person was killed after crashing a toll lend -- stolen car while trying to escape from police. alex savage has more with this new crash scene, alex? >> reporter: it is all wrapped up and 101 is back open to traffic. police chased that stolen suv when it crashed and we will show you what this scene looked like before the tow truck pulled the suv back out of the ravine. the 23-year-old driver was killed and there were two
6:33 am
teenage girls and neither of them were seriously hurt. this all began up near capital expressway in towers lane close to the 101 freeway. the driver tried to rundown a san jose police officer who was involved in an unrelated traffic stop on the side of the road. he came towards the officer with his lights off and the officer was able to jump out of the way and that's when the escape began. >> it is early in the investigation as to why he did this, we believe drugs and alcohol are involved and that will be determined later when the toxicology exams come back. >> reporter: an investigation moving forward, they will be looking for any signs of impairment with that driver. the two passengers in the suv were 16 and 17-year-old girls
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and a lieutenant tells us one was a runaway who was reported missing by her parents. they are trying to figure out the connection between the driver and his two teenage passengers and by the way, the 20-year-old man who was killed has yet to be identified by san jose police. ktvu channel 2 morning news alex savage. sheriff's deputy created a pile of cars. they were pursuing a car that failed to stop for them at 9:30 last night and a witness said the sheriff hit parked cars on 35th avenue. the deputy and sergeant were not seriously hurt and they did arrest the suspect at the scene. family and friends are still mourning the death of 10- year-old girl -- of a 10-year- old girl who died in a house
6:35 am
fire on treasure island. here is more on what the family is asking of the public. >> no question that family member and even the community continues to grieve for the 10- year-old girl who died over the weekend. behind me is the memorial behind where where it took place and this morning, family members and investigators are left searching for answers. 10-year-old godfrey died while trying to escape a fire which happened over the weekend. five members of the family were able to escape but unfortunately the little girl could not. firefighters tried rescuing her but could not because the second floor had collapsed. the family is now left distraught as the memorial grows. >> that was my baby and all i keep thinking about is i heard her cry. >> her smile was bright and when you would see her, she was
6:36 am
soft-spoken but her smile said everything and she had a heart of gold. >> dozens of people attended vigils leaving teddy bears and leaving messages where the fire took place. she has 10 surviving sibellings but at this point there is financial stress. as soon as we have that information, as well as the information on how the fire got started we will definitely pass that along. on treasure island, sal legs savage ktvu channel 2 morning news -- alex savage, ktvu channel 2 morning news. a woman visiting the campus was assaulted and raped. the suspect is between the ages of 30 and 40 has green eyes with a mustache and goatee. he has a tattoo on his upper right shoulder and smelled bike cigarettes. if you have any information
6:37 am
call campus police. hundreds are finally being cut back after years of saving money. janine de la vega is in san jose hoping it will make the city safer, janine de la vega? >> reporter: you can see behind me on the avenue, some of the lights have been burned out, some are due to copper theft and some have been turned off on purpose as a cost saving measure but that will all be changing. back in 2008, the city decided to shut off 900 street lights because the staff needed to make budget reductions. they had to choose between continuing services for traffic repairs or darkening streets. residents were concerned about safety and they just approved the mid-year budget report and decided to turn the 900 lights back on and that will begin in
6:38 am
march which pleases some residents. >> we knew alarms were on the street and it is more better. >> reporter: are you happy they are turning them back on? >> yes, i happy, everybody happy. >> reporter: 255 street lights will be turned on each month and there will be some in residential neighborhoods that will go back on and they have recommended this to improve street appearance and they will address public safety concerns. we planned on speaking with more people and they planned on getting ahold of people in public works to find out what streets will be prioritized. janine de la vega, ktvu channel 2 morning news. >> an autopsy is now underway for mindy mccreedy who died in her arkansas home yesterday. the 37-year-old singer shot
6:39 am
herself and her dog. there are reports she had been dealing with a tough time, he was the father of her baby, she had two children and was known for her country hit, guys do it all the time and her song, 10,000 angels. hundreds are expected in san bernardino for jerimiah mckay. he was a sheriff's deputy, and father of two. he was killed last week while pursuing christopher dorner the former lapd who killed two people. the resort owners are ready to put christopher dorner's gruesome death and the event behind them and they want everybody to know they are back open for business and there are a large number of skiers and snowboarders open for this president's day weekend. the white house proposal
6:40 am
has a backup plan incase congress has a plan of their own. they publicked a drafted decision from the white house and includes a decision for a new visa to allow illegal immigrants to stay in the country while they wait for permanent legal status. president barack obama is spending his three day president's weekend playing in florida and coming up, the president's well-known golfing partner. sal is taking it easy and you are starting in the east bay. >> yes, we are starting in the eastbound and we are starting on 24, it's not a typical commute for most because a lot of people may not have to go to work today and a lot of people will be returning from the weekend, maybe they were up in lake tahoe, this is a look at
6:41 am
880 northbound and no trouble on 580 as you are driving through. traffic also looks good all the way to bolt polt, -- palo alto, let's go to steve. low clouds and a little bit of cold air, higher clouds are beginning to move into the north bay, it will be cooler breezy and rain begins not a lot, 10th of an inch to quarter of an inch but out cold air will hit you the hardest because it will get really cool here tuesday night. there is nothing that says more rain which might clip us but this will be the main system and it will bring cloudy skies. it has a lot of cold air with it and you can see the source coming right down out of the north. cooler today, clouds increasing and tomorrow again, i notice we
6:42 am
could use a lot more rain if we can get enough moisture to hold on throughout the evening. i am being optimistic and the system begins to inch towards us after a really beautiful sunday and the cold air is really the bigger system, our temperatures will get into the lower 50s on the high side. that is a combination of low, more clouds to the north, a little bit of sun to the south, 50s on the temperatures, they will come down and the coldest day will be tuesdays and wednesday. there is some thunderstorm activity as well. we will keep an eye on that, a chilly sunny breezy pattern into the weekend. thank you steve. 6:40 is the time this morning, oscar pistorius heads back to court tomorrow, new details about the case and how his career is now on hold as he defends himself against murder
6:43 am
charges. the price of gasoline just went up a gallon, i will tell you how high it went and what is behind the spike. we will be right back with more traffic and weather, straight ahead.
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. steve, welcome back, here is a quick look at some of the top stories, san jose police say one person was killed after crashing a stolen car while trying to escape from police. it happened last night on monterey roads and south san jose. two teenage girls were hurt but they are expected to survive. the family of a 10-year-old girl who died in a weekend fire on treasure island is asking for help to pay for her funeral. 10-year-old godfrey was trapped on the second floor during the fire on treasure island and five other members were able to escape safely. and federal spending cuts are due to take affect march 1st, they called this second questerred cuts and they are designed to come to an agreement on budgets.
6:47 am
right now there is no agreement and congress is still on recess next monday. record gas prices around the bay, tara moriarty is in emoryville this morning with reaction from drivers, tara? >> reporter: well we were doing well, they seem to be held under $4 per gallon and until this week things changed. $4.15 per gallon and we are at a station in emoryville and drivers have not been excited this morning. experts say the higher prices are a reflection from production cuts to refinery closings and they have gone up over 9 cents per gallon in the bay area and people are feeling the pinch. >> probably $70. >> reporter: how much is it to fill your tank? >> i just came here from georgia so it cost about 50
6:48 am
bucks to come here from georgia, so it is a shocker. >> reporter: here is a look at the national average compared to san francisco at $4.13 and san jose at $4.08. they could go even higher after paying for infrastructure projects and president barack obama has promised new spending on roads and gas prices could go even higher at the end of this month. tara moriarty ktvu channel 2 morning news. track star oscar pistorius is charged with the shooting death of his girlfriend over he weekend. they have been visiting oscar pistorius from behind bars. they say his girlfriend reeva steenkamp was shot four times through a bathroom door inside
6:49 am
his home friday and he is due in court. a private memorial is expected for reeva steenkamp. also over the weekend, south africa broadcast reality show featured the young woman and some are not opposed because reeva steenkamp wanted everybody to see it.$♪$>>. >> venezuela president hugo chavez is home again and it comes more than two months following surgery for cancer. venezuela president hugo chavez made the announcement on his twitter page and says he is home and will continue treatment. president barack obama is in a golf resort in florida. the president arrived in palm beach florida friday night. yesterday the president played 18 holes of golf with tiger woods and they are not allowing
6:50 am
any media coverage but they have met in the past but this is the first time tiger woods played golf with the president. all offices are closed, post offices, banks, they are closed in observance of the holiday. bart and muni will be on a saturday schedule. ac transit will be on a sunday schedule and caltrans, don't forget, if you are in san francisco, pam, parking meters are still being enforced today. >> rats. all pole lanes of the -- toll lanes of the richmond san rafael are open and they will continue to put the rest of that system in place between weekends now and the end of next month. sal, are you watching 237? >> yes, we are looking at the south bay, pam we are doing
6:51 am
well on this monday which is a holiday for a lot of people and the freeway is light, 237, we definitely have some slowed traffic, but it definitely looks good heading to 101. interstate 880 south bound and northbound on the way to the bay bridge. it looks good if you are driving to the livermore valley which has been light and we usually don't have a drive -- we usually have a drive time of only 18 minutes, let's go to sal. we have a nice tweet from brandon, why couldn't you hold sunday's weather for today. it is a business of sales, system is moving in and we need the rain and tomorrow we will get some, but it is mainly a cold system moving in and there is no doubt about it, a cooler breeze is in place and they
6:52 am
will cool off considerably today, a lot of 50s so we have gone from 70s to 60s to 50s and we will have that mainly the end of the week. the system out of the gulf of alaska has a big chunk of cold air and the coldest air will not be coming for another 24 hours. we will get at most a quarter or a half inch of rain and that will do it. breezy at times, 50s on the temperatures, 50s or very low 60s and we will struggle, a cold air comes in tuesday or wednesday and temperatures will be slow to recovery until the end of the week. microsoft is compromising google and the people who used the g-mail service. they ran billboard ads saying people using it are tar getting
6:53 am
g-mail users for specific ads. they want to launch a price lead although it has 20 competitors. best buy has struggled to compete with other retailers. boy, she is fast. danika patrick how she made auto history this weekend at daytona beach. a ceremony to say goodbye to a peian know, why the -- piano, why this man decided to set his instrument on fire.
6:54 am
6:55 am
6:56 am
. it happened on the street and police responded to system got there they found a 30-year- old man who had been shot several times in the legs. the suspect's car was found nearby but it was empty and so far no suspect information has been released. the united states is warning americans to be very careful at one of peru's most
6:57 am
famous destinations. it attracts hundreds of tourists every year but in peru, they may want to kidnap american tourists. this threat may be connected to a rebel group known as the shining path. they recently started a crackdown on drug deals. danika patrick has become the first woman to secure the top starting spot for the daytona 500. she posted more than 196 miles per hour in the qualifying session and it airs right here this sunday morning at 9:00. we are learning more about the drakes bay closure and how it could affect ouster prices
6:58 am
-- oyster prices. there is fear oyster prices will rise significantly and we will hear if the request is rejected again, drakes bay will have to shut down and oyster prices will rise as they are responsible for 30% of the oyster production. the wetlands could get a financial boost. barbara boxer and dianne finestein are paying for the work and they say the bay is vital to california. they say it was just given to the equally important waterways. one baby grant piano will be played -- baby grand piano will be played no more. he started playing his piano on a bluff and posted it on you
6:59 am
tube and without a permit he was forced to stop so last month he decided to officially retire his piano by setting it on fire. >> the burning of the piano, this is challenging to see it go up in smoke and i feel actually good about it. >> he said he wanted to set the soul of the piano free and any remaining pieces of it is expected to be displayed in new york and rome. let's go back to sal for a good look at traffic. because of the holiday, look at the bay bridge, it looks very good and i don't think you will see a lot of slowed traffic and you are looking at the san mateo and dumbarton and that's also very nice. 6:57 let's go to steve. a lot of low weather clouds will bring

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